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About the CAVS

CAVS MOTTO #1: "Preparation For The Next Level"

Founded in 1988, the Southern California CAVS Youth Basketball Program is one the longest-tenured and most respected premier programs in the state. It is a competitive, year-round basketball program that focuses on player development, fundamentals, and ultimately making every player in the program a better basketball player.  We are the home of champions (both boys and girls) ages 7-14 (some are as young as 6 that can handle the program) with a very successful track record in multiple age divisions. 

Through the years, after graduating from the program, CAVS players have played key roles on high school varsity basketball teams, received scholarships to universities, become coaches and even professional athletes. Most importantly, CAVS who spend time in the program, become responsible, productive members of the community. 

Our players are well-encouraged to be productive in school, as well as on the court. We ensure that all players know that education is extremely important. The majority of our players in all divisions hold grade-point averages of 3.0 or above. 

***We do not discriminate on the basis of race, religion, national origin, color or sex.


***We currently offer two league levels of high-quality youth basketball training, of which there are teams in all age divisions (7U-14U). 

1)   Our CAVS Select Team league provides elite, next-level training for beginning basketball players, or those that may have previously played on recreational park teams (i.e., YMCA, recreational centers, etc.). CAVS Select team members compete in moderate to intermediate in-state tournaments and are trained appropriately to compete in an out-of-state travel game at the end of the season. 

2)   Our CAVS Elite Travel Team league provides elite, intense, high-level training for the more advanced players, who have previously played on travel teams. **Kids that have never played on travel teams, but have unmistakable, advanced skills (significant natural, athletic talent and ability) will still be trained to play in this league. CAVS Elite team members travel often and consistently compete in high-level, advanced tournaments both in-state and out-of-state.

CAVS MOTTO #2: "We Defend To The End"

Defense is the key to the CAVS success. When opponents play a CAVS team, they automatically know that they are going to face constant full-court pressure that wears teams down. Our teams in all age divisions consistently defeat bigger and stronger teams along the way, because defense wins. 

Defense is something we take to heart. 

We use basketball as the vehicle to help players grow on and off the court. The following are some of the key points that we use as a foundation for our success:

*Dedication, *Loyalty, *Hard Work, *Pride, *Teaching of the Fundamentals, *Commitment, *Sportsmanship.

The CAVS Youth Basketball Real Deal

The program is a lot of fun, overall, and builds a sense of “structure” in our youth. Our program is for those who are not afraid to work hard, not afraid of commitment, dedication, or loyalty and not afraid of challenging themselves to reach their next-level. Even our youngest kids “play up” in game competition to improve their skills (play reasonably older teams).  Our kids are happy and respectful, form strong friendships with their teammates and ultimately love the results of the program. 

As an added plus…we have a healthy, drama-free environment within our program!  We are a family, here. 

Here are the FACTS. Give us your (and your child’s) best effort, dependability, dedication andcommitment and your child can go as far as he or she wants to go with the CAVS Youth Basketball Program. 

CAVS Program Leaders have the ability and the knowledge to help get players to whatever level of basketball the player wants to achieve, whether the child’s goal is making it in the NBA, receiving a scholarship to a university or college, or making the high school or middle school team. Using the CAVSsystem we guarantee each kid in the program will become a better basketball player, and will be equipped with the necessary tools to succeed on and off the court. 

So…..YOU decide. Parents… you honestly want better for your child? If you do, then contact us today! It could be the best decision of your life.  Besides…..your child’s greatest potential is waiting! 

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