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The Southern California CAVS Youth Basketball Program was founded in 1988 to provide student athletes the opportunity, through basketball, to develop skills such as discipline, respect and self-worth.  We believe this better prepares them for success as they progress though life.


Over the past 20 years, more than 2,000 young boys and girls have participated in our program.  A few (2 – 3%) have been exceptional athletes and have played or continue to play at the professional level, many have translated their efforts into educational opportunities that otherwise wouldn’t have been available to them but all of them learn that success and achievement are earned through commitment, integrity and hard work.


Each year, the CAVS program includes approximately 100 student athletes who represent all ethnicities and live in the Los Angeles area.  They range in age from 6 to 17 years, receive academic counseling and must meet academic performance expectations.  We participate in an eleven month “season” of practices, league games and regional and national tournaments.

Reaching this many children and making a meaningful difference in their lives is invaluable, but somewhat expensive.  The costs associated with practice facilities, game fees, travel, coaching, equipment and uniforms amount to about $150 per month per student athlete.  Monies to cover these expenses are generated through a combination of monthly fees, fundraisers and sponsorships.  The parents of our student athletes believe so strongly in our program that they pay for the vast majority (more than 90%) of its financial needs.


We are proud of the accomplishments of our student athletes and are looking for sponsors who share our values and are willing to partner with us to make a difference in their lives.  Sponsorships can be in the form of cash grants or product donations.  Cash grants will be used to provide scholarships for student athletes (on a needs basis) who meet ongoing academic goals and who otherwise wouldn’t be able to participate in our program. Product donations (such as basketballs, ball bags, shoes, game jerseys, practice uniforms or other items that can be raffled off) are also needed.  In addition to cash grants and product donations we also offer the following Annual Signature Sponsorships:


  • General Donation: $1-$1,500 for gym cost, equipment and scholarships

  • Athletic Scholarship: $1,650 per student athlete, awarded on merit and needs basis

  • Official Equipment Provider:  $5,000 (or equivalent) for basketballs, ball bags and miscellaneous training equipment

  • Tournament Sponsor:  $7,500 per tournament (available 2x per year)

  • Team Outfitter:  $15,000 (or equivalent) for game jerseys, practice uniforms and basketball shoes


We understand that you or your company receives many sponsorship requests from deserving programs and that affiliates are chosen because they share similar values.  We believe the CAVS organization is unique in its ability to blend teamwork, honesty and pride along with academics, personal accountability and discipline to provide our student athletes with a life altering opportunity to develop into more responsible young adults.  We’d be proud to have you or your company as a sponsor and would like you to consider helping in any way you can.  Any or all of the Annual Signature Sponsorships (listed above) would seem to be a wonderful way of working together to create opportunities for participation for more of our student athletes. All donations are tax deductible (tax ID # 9547155480).


We genuinely appreciate your consideration and hope that you join us in improving the lives of those we touch.  If you have any questions, I can be reached by cell: 818-403-8400.  We eagerly await your participation.



Best Regards,


Darryl McDonald


Signature Sponsorships


General Donation

$1 - $1,500

Gym costs, equipment, scholarships


Athletic Scholarship

$1,650 per student athlete

Awarded on merit and needs basis


Official Equipment Provider

$5,000 (or equivalent)

Basketballs, ball bags, miscellaneous training equipment


Tournament Sponsor

$7,500 per tournament

Available 2x per year


Team Outfitter

$15,000 (or equivalent)

Game jerseys, practice uniforms and basketball shoes

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