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Welcome to the CAVS!


The Southern California CAVS would like to officially welcome you to the 2023-2024 basketball season. The CAVS Organization is one of the longest-tenured and most respected programs in the state, founded in 1988. "Preparation for the Next Level" is the CAVS motto with a primary emphasis on skill development. We use basketball as a vehicle to help players grow on and off the court. The following are some of the key points we use as a foundation for our success: DEDICATION, LOYALTY, HARD WORK, PRIDE, TEACHING OF THE FUNDAMENTALS, COMMITMENT & SPORTSMANSHIP!!!!


The Southern California CAVS are looking forward to having a great season for 2023 and 2024. We will have teams in all age groups/divisions and some age groups/divisions will have multiple teams.  Annual registration is $475 (Includes new uniform & first month practice fees).

**** Please note, numbers #2 and #3 are permanently retired by the CAVS. DO NOT REQUEST those numbers as they will not be issued.  ***


Additional Fees

Monthly Practice Fees: (Due the 10th of each month)      $175.00

                                        (2 Children in the program)           $320.00

Tournament Uniform (Optional is existing still fits)           $150.00

Tournament Fees: (Local Tournaments)                              $80.00

                                 (California Tournaments)                      $100.00

                                 (Out-Of-State Tournaments)                 $125.00

                                 (National Tournaments)                        $100.00

CYDL Game Fees:                                                                    $30.00

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